Exporting Uganda Vanilla Planifolia Beans

Vanilla is going fast in Uganda due to low stock in other parts of the world. Prices have been going up every week and we hope they are now stabilize for our clients. Book now for the November – December harvest—the biggest season of the year. we’ll be shipping out late December – February 2017. We will sell out long before the season is over, if you miss it, we’ll take orders for the following May 2017
Vanilla is a complicated and demanding crop.
From the timely picking of the green beans, the curing process, and the vacuum sealing, we do everything possible to insure you are satisfied.

If you are an importer, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Depend on the reservation time and the grade type you need. The season start in late october.


Gourmet A quality: 15cm+ (with 30-35% moisture)

Gourmet A quality: from 13cm+ (with 30-35% mositure)

Extraction grade quality: from 12cm (15-20% moisture)

Vanilla cuts and Vanilla powder from black vanilla cuts

IMG_8439 IMG_8440

Our company registration and analyzis of the latest season.

Please get contact to me to get the best quality and price for black vanilla beans.

If you need more information please get contact to us:
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Tamas Ujvari +256 778090498, +36309812466