Social responsibility

Delicate Vanilla Social Responsibility

Our company is based on a fair trade system and we work many organisation in Hungary, who support undeveloped area in Uganda.

We work with foundations, associations here.

When we are on the ground we found that many farmers has one big problem: The education.
Education means, that here the most important for families to give education for their children. This support they need.

Now we use our profit to support children in the school We buy materials them (books, bags, shoes and always some things what they can use and necessary)

We spend time with them like cooking food and playing.

Our goal is not just support the children. They need education and care of them, care about their health and prepare them for a good life.

Our company and Hungarian foundation now start to a project to build up school and hospital for farmers and their children in the vanilla regions.

We hope that our passion (vanilla and cocoa) will meet the farmers goal and together we can build up a better life for our children.
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